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Cybercrime – reduce your online risk

By Lena Ridley, Head of Operations

Every year, thousands of Australians and Australian businesses fall victim to online crime, or ‘cybercrime’. In the first 3 months of 2018 alone there were 14, 189 reports made to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN). That was just the ones reported!

The financial services industry will always be a prime target. Our IT systems, supplier contracts and internal policies place client data, as the single most important asset our business needs to protect. Each of these areas is reviewed on a regular basis and every staff member and supplier is bound by regulation, policies and rules of engagement in these areas.

We see instances of fake and suspicious emails several times each week. We have seen several, sophisticated examples in the industry in recent weeks that prompted us to remind everyone of the need to remain diligent in your interactions when providing any sensitive data and to reassure you that our diligence in this area with our clients and their data is of paramount importance to Profile Financial Services.

Common types of attempted cybercrime in our industry include:

  • Online scams or fraud
  • Issues with buying or selling investments online
  • Identity theft
  • Attacks on computer systems
  • Email spam and phishing
  • Illegal and prohibited content


There are several things you can do if you become aware of an issue or you think something is suspicious:

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