Our clients come from all walks of life. We advise young people just starting out, small business owners, professionals and senior executives, and retirees..

What all our clients have in common is a commitment to achieve their goals, and a belief that working in partnership with capable professionals is the best way to help them get there.

We take great pride in helping our clients achieve their financial goals. Whether that’s to become – or remain – financially independent, to leave a legacy for future generations, to make a lasting difference in society through philanthropy – whatever your dream, we would be very proud if we could help you realise it.

Who do we work best with?

We don’t have minimum requirements for assets to invest or income earned to become a client.

If you are motivated to achieve a financial goal, and you recognise the value that experienced professionals can add, then it is worth contacting us to find out more. If we don’t think we can help, we will tell you that honestly, and early. We have many years of experience, and many contacts in financial services. So the chances are good that even if we are not the right firm for you, we can help you find someone who might be a good match.

Here are some examples of how we can help people:

Business Owner

Business Owner

The decision to buy or setup a business is a major one, and the ongoing management of a business brings a range of challenges and rewards!

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The decision to buy or setup a business is a major one, and the ongoing management of a business brings a range of challenges and rewards!

Many of our planners are business owners themselves, and have personal experience of the many challenges this can present.

On the financial decisions front, as a business owner there are many options available to structure your business and the right choice can benefit both your personal and business tax situation.

If you are in partnership with others, consideration should be given to partnership succession and potential future ownership changes, and changing desires and priorities for all parties – and agreements must be documented! Sadly a common reason we are first called in is to help mediate and resolve ownership disputes; it’s much better if you can, to deal with these issues before they become arguments!

Many business owners consider their business to be a saleable asset that’s an important part of their retirement plan, and yet often have little idea of the real worth of that asset without their active participation. They often have challenges finding the right buyer at the right price at the right time.

If you’re a major revenue earner for your business, you must give thought to protecting your business in the event you become incapacitated, with keyperson cover and business expenses cover.

And it’s important not to neglect your personal financial planning for the sake of your business; by giving attention to and planning for both, you reduce risk for yourself and the family in the event of a business failure.

Busy family

Busy family

The demands of family life can seem overwhelming at times. Really it’s very simple at heart, you just want your family to be happy and healthy.

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The demands of family life can seem overwhelming at times. Really it’s very simple at heart, you just want your family to be happy, healthy and successful! Easy to say, but it often seems to be getting harder to do, as life becomes more complex, the old rules about who does what job in the family don’t seem to apply anymore, and our standards for success keep getting higher.

One thing families really don’t need on top of everything else is financial stress. And yet unfortunately financial worries are in fact the leading cause of stress amongst Australians by quite a margin, nominated by fully 49% of Aussies, and are the leading cause of stress for both men and women (Source: 2013 Australian Psychological Society Survey).

It shouldn’t be this way and it doesn’t have to be.

We do a lot of our work with young families, and we can help you to set – and achieve! – financial goals that are meaningful to you as well as realistic and achievable.

Typical goals for young families

  • Take charge of your spending so you’re not having to run a million miles an hour just to stay in the same place
  • Get and keep debt under control
  • Provide the children with the best start you can (such as education, travel & broad horizons, a start in the housing market and so on)
  • Have peace of mind that if you were injured, became ill or died, the family would still be financially OK
  • Own your own home free of debt
  • Be financially independent by a certain age
Dental professional

Dental professional

While we look after all sorts of professionals, we have many clients who are dentists.

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While we look after all sorts of professionals, we have many clients who are dentists and some of our planners have now built particular expertise in and understanding of this industry.

From starting out in the profession, to setting up or going into partnership in a business, through to a decision to sell – we have worked through all these stages with dental clients over the years.

Profile has worked in close partnership with the Australian Dental Industry Association, and we produce regular educational content and webinars for dentists, accredited for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. You will also see regular articles from us on financial topics in the Australian Dental Practice Magazine.

Established in life

Established in life

This is often a time when people first start looking for a financial planner.

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This is often a time when people first start looking for a financial planner. The kids have left home (or could!) You’re often earning a reasonable income by now and either already have or are close to paying off the mortgage. There might be an investment property or two, and some money in super – and you want to make sure there will be enough to live on when you decide to stop work.

Sometimes, things also can come out of left field around about now that can put your hard-won progress at risk! Some typical examples include:

  • Parents needing care
  • Redundancy
  • Business issues or failure
  • Divorce
  • Health problems
  • Kids needing financial support

The stakes are getting higher now and getting the right advice is even more important than ever before.



Australia is well known as a popular destination country for expats.

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Australia is well known as a popular destination country for expats and this trend is increasing: for example, the number of skilled foreigners with working rights in Australia increased from 331,000 in March 2012, to 403,000 in March 2013 (Source: The Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection)

We have many clients who have moved here from overseas either temporarily or permanently, or who are Australians working overseas.

Indeed quite a few of our staff are from overseas themselves, and have personally experienced the challenges and joys of living and working across borders!

There are many unique financial issues to deal with as an expat, and careful planning will go a long way to ensure the best outcome. As well as all the usual needs such as budgeting, insurance and so on, you will need specialist advice covering areas such as:

  • The best tax structures and asset holding locations for you
  • Reviewing how and where your retirement funds are held, and explaining your options
  • Transferring overseas assets

Engaging a financial planner is a lot like hiring a member of staff. It’s a big decision and a prudent hiring manager will always ask for references! We would be happy to put you in touch with a client whose situation is similar to yours, so you can hear from the ‘horse’s mouth’ about Profile, and ask whatever questions you may have to help de-mystify the process and help you make a decision about who you will engage.

Financially independent

Financially independent

Once you make the switch from relying on your personal earnings from work

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Once you make the switch from relying on your personal earnings from work, to relying on your investments, a lot changes in your life.

Stopping work can be a big adjustment. Many of our retirees are now the busiest they’ve ever been, but initially it can be very hard – particularly for people who’ve been used to working long hours in demanding jobs.

Financially, the natural desire is to live the most comfortable lifestyle available – the reward for all that hard work! – but do you know how long your retirement funds will last?

Those articles about investing suddenly start seeming much more important, interest rates become absorbing dinner party conversation and the idea of losing money on your investments is much more frightening. It’s not just theoretical any more, if a bad year in markets could mean you miss travelling to see the grandkids, or have to cut back on heating in the winter – or even sell your home. While it’s important to structure your affairs to legitimately benefit from any government support available, few would relish having to rely entirely on this!

For our clients without these worries, being able to help others often becomes very important. Fairly and equitably assisting family members – as well as philanthropy on a larger scale – can be very rewarding. But if these things are not properly planned and implemented, even the best of intentions can sometimes do more harm than good.

A good plan can help make sure you are achieving your goals tax effectively and with as little risk as possible.

Young professional

Young professional

If you’re busy building a career, this can be a great time to seek advice.

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If you’re busy building a career, this can be a great time to seek advice. Why? It’s a time when you are still forming your habits – you have the opportunity to lay solid foundations for the future, and give yourself the best start.

Time is on your side, and the power of compounding can add huge amounts to your wealth. A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation will show you, that if you save for 30 years and your investment earnings are 7% per year, your final balance will be made up of 70% investment returns (only 30% comes from your contributions out of your own pocket). But if you delay starting by 10 years, your final balance will be lower – and only around 50% of that balance will come from investment returns! You will have had to pay the other half, out of money that could have been spent on things that were way more fun. The sooner you start saving, the more compounding will do the heavy lifting for you.

It’s also much easier to get better deals for your insurances while you are young and healthy. A great time to get protection in place and lock it in so you are covered – even if you develop an illness or become injured later on.

Major financial goals like saving for your own home are also often important.

Some of this may sound boring, and not a priority right now. It’s not the first time we’ll have heard that! But we hear the problems from the other side too, and the lament “I wish I’d started earlier!” is much harder to deal with, because you can’t take back time. Each day that passes is gone forever. We all get the same 24 hours in the day – be one of those people that uses their time wisely, don’t become the person who mourns the might-have-been!


We regularly survey our clients to make sure we are delivering value, and to get feedback on how we can improve.

We always use independent organisations to ensure confidentiality and impartiality. Our most recent survey was conducted by The Beddoes Institute in March 2020. Profile received a rating of 8.7 out of 10.0 for overall satisfaction levels.

As well as this, we ask for feedback directly from our clients. Below is a selection of some of the comments we have received from clients about the services we provide.

What our clients are saying:

One of the overriding advantages of dealing with Profile, particularly when compared with the large corporations, is the “personal service” provided. It is a one-on-one service. Your adviser is always available and every question, large or small, is promptly dealt with in full detail. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

John W.

Tough times last year finally convinced me why we have our super/ pension with Profile. I am still of that view. I can still afford to go fishing and run my hobby car.

Stephen W.

Always available and confident in their decisions on my assets. They do not hassle me. Keep me informed on matters concerning my investments.

Arthur B.

Profile has always acted in my best interests and provided timely advice. I have been with Profile since 1992 and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Rodney C.

The cautious and balanced approach to investing gives confidence in the continuing stability and profitability of our investments. Profile analyses trends and advises adjustments when needed. The integrity, competence and enthusiasm of Garry, Phillip and staff inspire trust.

Judith T.

The honesty, integrity and professionalism exhibited by Profile makes for confident investors.

Graeme R.

Profile focus on providing a transparent, honest assessment of risks, opportunities and financial planning counsel. It is an “intimate” highly personal professional service – where the “radar-screen” is on 365/ yr, and skills, resources, experience and expertise are provided through internal and external staff resources. A very solid practice which provides a pro-active strong partnership with clients.

Dorset S.

Confidence and dependability sums up Profile.

Weiyun Y.
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